Brainstorming for Porfolio II



Post for 10/22 in class discussion on “place”


Super cool name ideas for our class blog compilation over our research on “place”:

  1. Places in Fantasy and Reality — simple and to the point
  2. Definite and Indefinite Boundaries — this one could be really creative because it is a shortened dictionary definition of “place”
  3. Wanderlust of the Body and Mind — wanderlust has to do with the desire to travel, and because we have fictional and non-fictional places on our list, I included the physical and the mental in the title.

These are just some random suggestions. Hopefully someone has a better title idea than me 😛


Our Ideal Audience: It is hard to be completely certain of our ideal audience because we are all writing about very different things. Some people will be writing about real countries like Ireland, other people will be writing about fictional places like Narnia. Overall, I envision our ideal audience as writers, researchers, and travelers. These types of people will be very interested in resources about place.

My Implied Audience: Because my paper will be over the inside of the mind of a serial killer, I will be coming from a very psychological perspective. My audience will be anyone in their teens and up that is interested in criminology, psychology, etc. 




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